Willowbrook Wellness Sessions and Holistic Treatments

During your stay with us in Willowbrook why not take the time to get back in touch with the inner you. Whether you are looking to relax your mind, body or soul we have wellness sessions and a variety of holistic treatments just for you. Alternatively you can simply spend time walking around the park and trying out one of our many relaxation spots.

To book with Glynis, our therapist, please contact her directly on 085 251 4394. She will take your details and answer any questions you may have. All bookings must be made at least 24hours before your treatment or session.

Glynis is a Massage therapist, Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Shamanic Practitioner and was a Registered Nurse of 38 years working in many different areas of medicine. In 1991 Glynis Trained in Swedish Holistic Massage at The Academy Of Natural Health South London. She practiced in London alongside her Nursing career for many years. In 1996 she trained at CCPE Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy and currently is in private practice from home on the borders of Galway and Roscommon. In 2017 Glynis moved from London to Ireland and set up her eclectic business of massage and counselling , She then did further Massage with Sangoma training therapies in Athlone in Hot Bamboo Massage and Elderly Persons massage. Hot Bamboo massage is very popular with clients. In 2020 Glynis undertook her Shamanic training at Green Tara College in Navan and now treats people Shamanically for healing purposes.

Holistic Treatments

For those looking to really pamper yourselves, our treatments provide the opportunity for some self care. Whether you are looking to sooth tight muscles, relieve stress or just chill out, Glynis, our therapist, can tailor one of our treatments to address your individual needs. Using Hot Bamboo sticks and deep tissue massage you will leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. All holistic treatments take place in our clinic space, which offers a calm and stress free environment, ideal for your holistic treatment.

All treatments are €60 and last for an hour. A booking deposit of €20 is required in advance.

Wellness Sessions

For those looking to add something new to their current routine, a Willowbrook Wellness Session is just for you. Catering to your needs, our wellness sessions provide a fun introduction to relaxation, or a more in-depth look at technique. Depending on the level of activity you would like, we can explore Tai Chi, or Qi Gong (breathing exercises).

We offer one to one personal training or sessions for up to 8.

Wellness sessions can take place either in our dojo or outside in one of the many serene relaxation spots around the park.

Contact Richard for more details – 083 369 9761

All Wellness Sessions start at €50 per person for an hour and a half and then an additional €20 per person after that. A booking deposit of €20 is required in advance.

Qi Gong (Life’s Breath)

Try out this thousand year old healing system created to harmonise body and mind. Qi Gong sessions cover powerful standing postures and flowing movements harmonised with your breathing to help stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. Through these techniques you will learn to anchor yourself in the present moment bringing about a sense of tranquillity.

Tai Chi (Moving Meditation)

Experience the graceful, fluid movements of Tai Chi that help promote a calm mind, and supple body. Tai Chi sessions cover the fluid movements and basic principles of Tai Chi seen in the sun style forms. Through these movements you will learn to preserve a state of relaxation throughout your day.