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Hello! We are Tuesday, Wes and baby Ziggy, and we are your hosts at Willowbrook Glamping and Hideaways. Our journey started over a decade ago when we met (Tuesday & Wes that is) in St Kilda (Australia) in 2008 and fell in silly wonderful love. For a decade we made many trips across the world, living in Ireland and Australia. Our inspirations in life were colours, rhymes, and all things creative. Our mutual love of music and music festivals lead us to the decision to create our festival stall ‘The Wesday Show’ in 2011, and we toured the UK and Ireland in our little campervan called Sausage, visiting some of the best music festivals those countries have to offer.
Then came time to return to Australia (Brisbane this time) where we immersed ourselves in the vibrant local music and arts scene, starting our own bands, as well as being involved in theatre and spoken word performance and organizing our own events. Throughout this time we met some of the most wonderful people we have both known, but we always had one eye on our return to Ireland where we planned to build our own little glamping wonderland where we could let out creative imaginations run wild without any boss to tell us what to do!

Willowbrook (the past)

In the mid 1990’s Tuesday’s parents Dave and Lin moved the whole family from their home in Kent, UK to a rural property just outside Ballaghaderreen in County Roscommon, Ireland, in order to fulfill their life long dream of establishing a caravan and camping site. The property was raw, having been used as farmland for many years, but it had endless potential, with a long and gentle slope from the farm house down to the bank of the river Lung almost a half a mile away. Throughout her teenage years Tuesday remembers many evenings spent picking stones or weeding in helping her parents to develop the site. They were lucky enough to meet some very talented local tradespeople and crafts people who helped them to create a pristine camping park with top notch facilities.

Willowbrook (the present)

A couple of years ago the park shut its gates to the public as Lin and Dave eased into retirement. At this stage It had already been decided that we (Tuesday and Wes) would take over the running of the park but in 2017 we were having way too much fun making records and theatre productions to come home from Australia just yet. The time went fast though and the Arrival of the world’s cutest little baby (Ziggy) in June 2018 was the first in a series of life changing events for us. Before long we found ourselves on the cusp of 2019 and ready to put our own stamp on the Willowbrook story.

Willowbrook Glamping & Hideaways (the future)

Our plans for our glamping site are big and they are made of dreams and imagination. We begin our first year with plans for 5 glamping units, and we hope to expand to offer a few more in subsequent years. Our other main focus is to create some natural and artistic attractions around the property. One of the first things we did upon our return from Australia was to plant 300 new trees around the site, and we plan to continue planting each year in order to develop some beautiful little woodlands. We have a million ideas for artistic installations that would fit in nicely on our site. Some of these will forever be ideas, but many will be realized, and we hope that you can some day come to see them!

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